Figma flow labels with status

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Figma Flow Labels with Status bars, A Free Community Download

If you are anything like me, you put all your screen designs in one page. It's not a problem for the person that made the file but it's pretty messy for other team members. That's why I created flow status bars that will help you organize your flows, making it easier for your team members to jump in and get started.

I like to keep the available status labels pretty slim with just Design, Review and Development. You can easily add another instance if you need to represent a different stage of work. You can also easily change the colors to match your brand.

There have been times where I have added notes to the status bar, like when I made my last round of updates, or the work that I have left to do. I feel like this takes away from the focus of the flow status, so I've just stuck with this simpler layout.

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