Create a productivity dashboard in Notion

Learn how I created a single point to easily collect tasks and projects

Free Resource β€’ Get a copy of my Notion Template

Create a productivity dashboard in Notion + Free Notion Template

Grab a copy of the free Notion template I've been using to keep my life organized while increasing my focus and productivity. The idea behind this template is that we all have tasks, but often, those tasks are disconnected from the projects they relate to.

I created a template that allows me to quickly capture tasks, Slack messages, emails, and more in one central location. I then create project pages to do my work and then drop in table views to create task lists for each of my projects. This creates one single surface for everything related to a project, while also connecting all of my projects to a master task list.

Bonus: I created a YouTube video that will walk you through how my Notion template works, as well as how you can connect it to Todoist for quick task capture and organization. I don't explicitly walk through the steps, but I also preview how you could connect Slack and Gmail to your dashboard so you can easily pull in everything you need in one place.

πŸ“ Grab your free copy and get organized

πŸ‘‰ I also created a free Figma Community file that shows you how to organize flows in your Figma docs. You can make a copy here or learn more about it on my YouTube channel.

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