Design better meetings

Running a successful meeting is difficult. I know this because when I worked in larger corporate settings nearly all of the meetings I was in felt like a massive waste of time. Many of these meetings lacked a clear outcome for the group to reach. This made the meetings feel really pointless.

As a designer though, we are taught that problems need solving. Rather than focusing my time complaining about bad meetings, I set out to lead the way to design a better meeting. These are my favorite tips for designing a successful meeting.

  • State your goal in the meeting invite.
  • Set aside to think about your meeting ahead of time. I plan for my week's meetings on Monday mornings, or 15 minutes before the meeting.
  • Determine what the direct action everyone should take in the meeting, or directly following it.
  • Create a list of talking points that will help you keep the meeting on track. Think very simple notes, no more than 3-4.
  • If you need to have a decision made, make sure that the decision maker is in the room. If they can't be, delay the meeting if possible.
  • Follow-up the meeting with an email that outlines either what was decided or what the next steps are.

If you work in or with larger organizations, these tips will prove invaluable. The other added benefit of implementing some of these changes is that most often, you may just be the only one trying to run things more efficiently. That will always make you look great at review time. 💰💰💰

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