Craft a creative morning routine

I’m a big believer in the power of a consistent morning routine. A few of my favorite Podcasts I follow (Art of Manliness & Order of Man) have tips and reasons for creating a morning routine for yourself. Over the past year, I’ve worked creating a morning routine that keeps me inspired, focused and fueled right from the start of my day.

Trial & Error

When I first started, my first goal was to plan out my day. The problem though is that I started doing this in the morning, and let’s be honest, the coffee is never strong enough to do something that boring. But planning out my day is an essential part of my goal, so for me, the best plan was to do this in the evening the night before. This works really well because I know what I need to work on so I can free up my morning for creativity.

The Creative Part

Now that I had my mornings less focused on the boring things I needed a way to stoke my creative fire in the AM. While I try to go for a run in the morning I found that this wasn’t enough because I’m focused on running, not thinking and experimenting with design ideas. It hit me though after I watched an interview with Tinker Hatfield about his creative process. He would spend quite a bit of time on every project just focusing on sketching. I loved this idea, and it’s something I had to in college before every project, but now I started doing that every morning. To add some valuable creative exploration I used apps I wanted to redesign or different Daily UI Challenges.

Don't Dribbble

When I first started thinking in terms of Daily UI or app redesigns I instantly thought about crafting things to post to Dribbble. I’ve avoided for a while now because the goal is to focus on creativity, experimentation and design thinking. Not more likes for something that looks “pretty” on Dribbble. My mornings now just start with a pen and my dot grid paper.

All in, I’ve been experimenting with this process for about two months now and I can say the impact has been really great. I now feel more prepared to take on those quick-fire projects that you never expect, it also helps me get out of that feeling of designing the same thing every day. So if you are tired of feeling like your creativity is lacking join me and start your own creative morning routine! If you do, let me know on Twitter how it’s changed your day.

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