Design Thinking

Part of what makes the design industry such an amazing thing to be a part of is the community. Our community shares so much information that helps impact and builds the careers of others that it makes us feel like one big family. This blog is my way of giving back to my fam.

Why you should stop moonlighting

Take back your life and take a break from the Hustle™. Thoughts on design, life, productivity, personal growth and more.

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Craft a creative morning routine

Over the past year, I’ve been crafting morning routine that keeps me inspired, focused and fueled right from the start of my day.

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Design better meetings

Meetings suck. Make them suck less by learning what you can do to make them feel like a productive use of time. Also, you could make more 💰💰!

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Perfection is paralysis

I have wanted to start a blog about personal development for designers for the better part of two years. Sadly, I've wasted a lot of time thinking about the idea and not doing anything to make it happen.

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