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My portfolio through the years

November 4, 2019

I use my website as a place to test out new ideas, exercise creative freedom and learn new things. I've noticed that over the past few years I tend to fully redesign my website every year. I've made this a practice becasue I find that I start to dislike my website afer about a about a year. For fun I decided to grab a screenshot of each of my "old" websites from my archive and post them here as a way to kick off the launch of my newly refreshed 2020 site.

2015: After Squarespace

I finally got my act together and got serious about dropping Squarespace and devloping my site. Squarespace is a great tool that will allow you to build a nice porfolio website if you don't want to code one yourself. I wanted to however, so I downloaded Bootstrap 3 and got started. I think it was a passable first effort, and decent for the time.

2016: Going dark before it was cool

I started to rethink how my website could be laid out. I decided to move to a more profile feel rather than more agency feeling site that I had the previous year. With this update, I could show work sooner while still introducing myself.

This was also my first effort focused on creating a dark theme. It was a cool attempt, but overal it's not that refined and the typeface pairing doesn't work.

2017: Angular

I must have just discovered background angles in CSS. This overall just becasme a much better updated design from the prior year. The work was displayed better, and the color and type is much improved. I think overall taking a more simplified approach did help. Looking back, I think this is the first website I was proud to use to showcase my work.

2018: Going Brutalist

The angular site of the year before was much improved, but one problem was that I never really thought through what a blog would look like. I hacked on together but it never really felt like it belonged. It felt like it was deisgned at a seperate time, and that's becasue it was.

This update was focused on creating a cohesive experience for all of the pages of the site. Refined the color pallete and updated the type pairings. Again, type in this instance isn't as good as I would like now, but passable. Also, the images were blurry until hover, not so sure this was a great move now.

2019: Simplier

The changes didn't stop with the prior, more brutalist site. I felt the itch to redesign again and launch a much simpler site without any work on it at all. This was a play at creating something that didn't need to be udpated. This site launch also marked the end of my GoDaddy hosting so I could move to Netlify. Free hosting is a great deal, and this much simpler site was the thing I wanted for the move.

The goal here was to make the site much more introductory, and push visitors out to Dribbble to view more of my recent work. The only issue is that I never really ended up posting anything on Dribbble, so that didn't work great. Overall, the simplifed site was a nice effort but I noticed that of all of my refreshed sites, this one lead to the least amount of emails and or visits.

2020: Coming Soon

The site launched in November, so I'm a bit early. I will post some more thoughts about years version in the future.